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Under Armour

Moment of Meditation

Under Armour's Moment of Meditation series is a moment of respite. These two- to four-minute episodes are a visual guide to help center one's self and provide meditation centered around a singular concept.

Hieronymus was tapped by Movement Strategy to design and animate sixty-second interstitials for each of the series's episodes. The guided meditation focused on 8 different ways to meditate: Active, Sound, Present, Gazing, Visualization, Gratitude, Mantra, and Zen meditation. Below are single, selected scenes from each of the episodes.

To view each episode in its entirety, please view the MyFitnessPal Blog


Client: Under Armour
Produced by: Movement Strategy
Directed by: Movement Strategy
Design: Hieronymus
Lead Animation: Hieronymus
Copywriting: Movement Strategy