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The Rockefeller Foundation

Innovation Capacity

One's innovation capacity is more than just deciding to make positive social change. It takes an intimate knowledge of how we can tap into and connect the resources of businesses, communities, science, technology, people and capital. Far too much to discuss in 90 seconds. Right? Hieronymus partnered with Hattaway Communications to produce this overview of The Rockefeller Foundation's approach to making positive change by harnessing our collective innovation capacity. Used as an overview of the foundation's goals and practices, we turned a complex model into something a little easier to digest.

Challenges just like this one are among our favorites—we love distilling complex concepts visually, allowing the abstract to take shape and educate viewers just a bit more than before. It requires problem solving, avoidance of cliché visual conceits, many, many rounds of ideation and a lot of head scratching.


Client: Rockefeller Foundation
Creative Direction: Hattaway Communications
Directed by: Hieronymus
Design: Hieronymus
Animation: Hieronymus
Copywriting: Hattaway, Hieronymus