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New York City Gay Men's Chorus




Hieronymus is proud to present new branding for New York City Gay Men's Chorus. The new identity—inspired by the sights and sounds of NYC, 250 incredibly talented performers, and the concept of harmony—matches the Chorus’s musical spirit and impressive legacy. Since 1980, NYCGMC has been a pioneer in the LGBTQ community; championing acceptance, individuality, and of course, fabulous music. NYCGMC produces a vibrant sound with contagious energy that extends far outside the walls of a theater; and they needed an identity to match.

The updated flexible identity system is as diverse as the chorus itself, allowing for dynamic graphic changes to match the unique tone of each event. The individual logo shapes can explode out of the logo and become graphics themselves, creating colorful shapes, borders, crops, textures, and more.

Before handing over the keys to the brand, Hieronymus created the core set of branded pieces. This included, business cards, letterhead, buttons, bags, and more. Our team also designed the first round of promotional posters for the NYCGMC annual event, Big Gay Sing. These elements were more than just functional; they served as examples for the internal design team to follow—and eventually—build upon.

Hieronymus also designed and developed the NYCGMC website.
As budget and upkeep cost were of the utmost importance, the final site was hosted on Squarespace using a custom template. Members were trained on the CMS tools, and have been handling implementation ever since.


Client: New York City Gay Men's Chorus
Creative Direction: Hieronymus
Design: Hieronymus
Animation: Hieronymus