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Now & Wow On-Air Campaign

Tapped by our good friends at The Foreign Correspondents' Club, Hieronymus and FCC rethought Nick's branded partnership product, "Now and Wow." The scope went beyond recreating the on-air segments, and involved rethinking the visuals of the campaign. The challenge? Look new and fresh, while staying within Nick's brand look-and-feel, and showcase sponsored products. Nick's signature splat is long gone, but the youthful energy and vibrant orange live-on, inspiring a design with quirky geometric shapes that move and expand quickly and jubilantly.

The new logo lockup (above) was the first step in the process, acting as both a visual and kinetic template for the rest of the design. The "Now and Wow" segment pairs Nick with sponsor partners, meaning the initial design and animation concept was created without final content. Hieronymus created a script template and then broke the content down into separate mortises, designing 30- and 15-second motion templates to accommodate the content.


Client: Nick
Produced by: The Foreign Correspondents' Club
Directed by: Hieronymus
Design & Animation: Hieronymus
Copywriting: Nick
Music/Mix: Northern Lights