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.Mic / Goldman Sachs

Tech Pulse

Together, .Mic and Goldman Sachs created Tech Pulse; a video series exploring rapid advances in technology that are reshaping competitive dynamics around the world (and in space). Our good friends over at FCC, asked Hieronymus to create two of the four campaign spots.

Each of the spots centers around a rapidly-changing technological landscape: AR/VR, space exploration, the music industry, and self-driving cars. Scripts came to FCC fully-formed, and Hieronymus's illustrated and animated each spot.

After taking on automated cars, we tackled the rise of streaming technology in the music industry:


Client: .Mic, Goldman Sachs
Produced by: The Foreign Correspondents' Club
Directed by: Hieronymus
Design: Hieronymus
Animation: Hieronymus
Copywriting: .Mic