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Better Than Average

Liquidnet is a world leader in big block trading. But how do you visualize just how different Liquidnet is from the other so-called big block traders out there? Our Better Than Average campaign started with highlighting the difference in size—and took off from there. The final result was two 15-second commercials which were adapted into branded graphics and a microsite by the great people at Sullivan.

After a few thousand particles, sound design, and great copywriting supplied by Liquidnet, the campaign aired on television, on Captivate screens in New York City, and online at liquidnet.com.

After the success of the first campaign, Hieronymus was asked to create a second campaign around the concept of "market visibility". These acted as a follow-up to the original campaign, and played exclusively in Captivate screens around New York.


Client: Liquidnet
Creative Direction: Hieronymus
Design: Hieronymus
Animation: Hieronymus
Copywriting: Hieronymus, Liquidnet