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Hieronymus is a multi-disciplinary design studio located in New York City. Founded in 2008, we do more than make things look beautiful: we craft sound brand strategies, create compelling storylines and put our clients’ stories into motion; and we have fun doing it.

We are a full service agency specializing in identity design, motion graphics, strategy and print design. No matter the project, our process follows the same path based on developing a good strategy and listening to the needs of our clients.

Julia brings over a decade of design and branding experience to the leadership at Hieronymus. Julia’s previous experience as a designer and creative director in New York has given her the opportunity to work with clients ranging from nonprofits to in-house design departments and international corporate firms. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, Julia has slowly come to terms with the shrinking need for print design and is dedicated to producing stand-out animations and developing identity systems with sound brand strategies.

Like Julia, Chris has over 15 years experience in design and branding. He spent the first few years of his career in New York freelancing for a number of small and large clients before accepting a job at one of New York’s premiere boutique design studios. Since 2008 Chris has been steering the ship at Hieronymus and is passionate about putting well-told stories into motion.

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