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30 Reasons

Organized and curated by members of the Hieronymus team, 30 Reasons was a 30-day email poster campaign encouraging voters to re-elect President Barack Obama.

The first round of 30 Reasons debuted in 2008 to great success, and the 2012 round was no different. An impressive group of designers and artists turned out amazing posters that touched on a variety of reasons. By election day, we emailed posters to hundreds of thousands of subscribers, made it onto President Obama's official tumblr page four times, reached over 100,000 people on Facebook, and became the top story on Drudge Report. But, better than that, President Obama won! (Okay, I guess we can’t take all of the credit.).

The project was featured on numerous blogs and publications, including The New York Times, Print, The Chicago Tribune and more.

Poster submissions by Brett Yasko, Chaz Maviyane-Davies, Luba Lukova and Woody Pirtle

Each day, one of 30 posters was emailed to thousands of citizens, with quick and easy links to forward on to undecided voters

Poster submissions by Frank Chimero, Larkin Werner, Elizabeth Amorose, Matt Dorfman, Seymour Chwast, Adam Snetman and Julia Thomas

Downloadable PDFs of each poster were available through emails or online

Poster submissions by Brett Traylor, Jesse Arneson, John Klotnia, Milton Glaser, Andrew Lewis, Andrew Degraff, Heads of State, and Scott Stowell